Single Page Websites

Single Page Websites

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They say that there are over 1.5 billion websites out there, and about 200 million are active right now.

I am responsible for some of them. I'm sorry.

This is a portfolio of all the single-page websites that I've built over the years. Single-page websites are often for a very specific cause/niche. Things like landing pages, direct call-to-action pages, or simple sites for new products fall under this category.

Not included: my fansite for 2000's boyband Nsync, and all those weird Geocities sites.

Bring Pizza Back to Spokane

Created because I believe in food. At my evening meetups, I buy food for attendees. Link:

Youtube API and Mario Paint

This is a MVP to showcase how to create a lesson page that is controlled via the keyboard. Mario Paint sounds are used because they're amazing. Link:

Teaching JavaScript

Taught 30 classes during Sept - Dec 2019. Link:

Spokane's Front End Dev

Had to create a code of conduct and faq for the meetup groups I host. Link:

Sites I need to put in here one day

Looking for all the non-single-page websites I've built? I'll put them up soon.