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Worm App - for mobile devices

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Pet Rocks. Disco. Star Wars. Transformers. Pokemon Cards. Doing the Floss.

Tomorrow's fad? Vermicomposting.

I built the Worm app's primary goal is to help streamline the process of starting a worm bin. No longer does a potential worm farmer need to access dozens of blog posts and youtube videos, when the Worm App can get them started quickly.

Github link: Worm App Repo

Worm App - for mobile devicesWorm App - for mobile devices


The Worm App is a simple documentation/resource app. There are 3 screens:

  • Quick Start: which contains the step-by-step to setting up a worm bin.
  • Questions and Answers: Which lists some unknowns users may have in their new enterprise as a worm farmer.
  • Foods: For those curious if they can feed their worm pineapples or tube socks.

Built With

React and React Native. Simulated mobile environments using Expo.


Shout out to the group at Nucamp for reviewing my app and identifying new opportunities to explore.